Genshin Impact Build Guide – Kaeya – How to Optimize Her As a DPS in Genshin Impact

While the ideal placement for Kaeya in your Genshin Impact party is still up for debate, most early-game players will want to use her as a DPS. While most Cryo DPS characters are premium 5-star rarities, Kaeya is still a very effective starting character. In this build guide, I’ll show you how to optimize her to be an effective DPS.

First, Kaeya’s build starts with Elemental Burst, a spell which increases your Cryo DMG. Another choice is a hybrid build which includes both Permafreeze and Vapemelt. These two skills make Kaeya a very versatile character. кэйа геншин импакт билд гайд

The first thing you should remember is that Kokomi’s personal damage doesn’t contribute very much to the overall team damage. Her elemental skills are not very effective in a majority of teams, and her lack of crit makes her damage negligible. A crit-based build may be a good option, but it isn’t necessary.

Another thing to consider is Kokomi’s passive. Her Elemental Skill can be very useful for off-field application of Hydro. You can also choose between Elemental Burst and Normal Attack. Elemental Burst will be better for when you’re not using Hydro on the battlefield, but it’s not essential if you plan on using it a lot.

You should also consider bringing some Electro element support characters into your team. This way, you’ll have more options for pairing your Kokomi with other characters. You can pair her with characters like Chongyun and Ayaka, who both add a lot to your Kokomi build. These characters can improve your team’s attacks by enhancing your abilities.

Kaeya is a Cavalry Captain in the Knights of Favonius and is very popular among the Mondstadt citizens. Her charisma allows her to persuade criminals to give her information or set them free. While she’s not the strongest character in the game, she’s very versatile, and her early-game weapon and artifact choices will be very advantageous.

Kaeya’s skillset is straightforward, with short skill cooldowns and a burst effect. She’s best at quick attacks, with high attack damage and high mobility. While she’s not the best healer, her Burst ability is excellent and can help her deal a lot of damage to enemies.